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Paint with Polly...

We are all creative. Sometimes it just takes exposure to realize there is a deeper interest worth exploring...


Polly Burge now offers one-on-one studio time for anyone interested in painting and drawing. Visit the studio for instruction in 2 hour blocks with additional free time to play. Gain access to materials, techniques, knowledge, and an inspiring creative space by painting with Polly. 


Interested in organizing a small group class? Polly's studio can accommodate up to 6 students. 


One-on-One Study & Play Session

Two hours of introduction to materials, resources, and how to get started or re-inspired. Dedicated time with Polly to ask all of the questions you have. This is an opportunity for you to have a custom experience with a practicing artist, built to suit your individual interests. This offering is limited to dry and water medias.

All materials provided and sourced from Polly's studio, or bring your own to take back home. If you have a sketchbook, bring it!



Add only one additional person to join you for +$50.

Adults only (17+)


Water Media "Create & Sip" Style

Group Workshop

Three hours of opportunity for undisturbed creative flow with your friends in the studio. Together we'll plan and put together a theme for your session that suits the interests of your group. All materials included. Bring your own snacks & beverages. Dry & water medias only.

$300 for up to 4 students, +50 per additional student.

Max of 6 students per workshop.

Adults only (17+)



One-on-One Exposure to Oils Study

Three one-on-one sessions with Polly in one week. This is an opportunity for exposure to materials, techniques, and take home some tasks or practices. Intention is to study the application of oil painting in a studio setting. Study may focus on any subject matter, including abstraction and expressionism.


Prerequisite requirement is to have an established sketchbook practice. Please bring your current sketchbooks, ideally with some reference material to build from.

$300, One additional person +$75

Adults only (17+)

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Plein Air Sketchbook
Group Workshop

Paint on location in and around the beautiful area of Sheridan. This is a sketchbook building class using dry media and portable watercolors. Learn to make quick and simple judgements, pair down the important elements standing before you to compose better paintings.

Prerequisite requirement is to have an established sketchbook practice. Bring your own favorite sketchbook and drawing/painting tools. Sketchbook size suggestion is 6x9," 8x10," or no bigger than 11x14." 

This workshop requires driving time, thus the time commitment is estimated. Expect to meet three times, each session lasting 3-4 hours. Participants must arrange transportation independently. We will caravan to each location.


$300, Group workshop limited to 3 students. 

Adults only (17+)


Observing the Visual Arts: Critique with Confidence

Learn how to better formulate and articulate a unique and personal interpretation about visual art works.


We will use a basic observation criteria for subjective analysis. Describe, analyze, and interpret with the principles of composition, rhythm, shape, space, value, etc.


Compose thoughtful written critiques of representational and abstract artworks to then share and discuss as a group. Opportunity to discuss the objective influences in context and art history (objective analysis).

Multiple-session workshop

Bring your own sketchbook or writing journal.

Adults only (17+)




Literature for the Practicing Artist: A Series of Lectures & Open Discussion

Bring your journal, sketchbook, and favorite writing utensil. Leave your perfectionism at home. 

Get inspired and reconnect with your creative side by reading select texts on all subjects falling within the visual arts. Show up for engaging discussion, great conversation, opportunities to share, or just come listen.

Some texts may call for homework - It's all optional!


Regular meetings. Come as you are. Adults only (17+)

$TBD - just help keep the studio lights on :)

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