Summer Features: Main Frame Gallery Mini Exhibit

This summer provided another opportunity to curate a small display of my work in a great local gallery space, right here at home in Sheridan, WY, at the center of Main Street!

Main Frame is a great host venue dedicated to promoting local artists by providing commission-free representation! I'm proud to share that only three pieces returned to the studio- Many thanks to my gracious patrons, and to Nathan, the gallery manager at Main Frame. I couldn't have done it without his help and willingness to engage with the folks who came in to see and inquire about my work.

I ought not forget the help of my friends and mentors, Laura Lehan & Kate Harrington, for advice and assistance in hanging the display. I really enjoy spending time with these gals.

Polly Burge

Sheridan, Wyoming





Photos & Art Images by Polly Burge © 2020.

All rights reserved. 

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