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April 2, 2018


Enjoying some warm weather down here in Arizona while Sheridan gets buried in Spring snow!

Hiking around Sedona with my watercolors, left my pencils and erasers at the condo. Too much beautiful color to render only value...

Have a look at this month's feature, I will keep it updated as I continue to paint!



Sometimes an hour of daylight isn’t quite enough. Took down enough to finish from my imagination, just haven’t gotten back to it. Maybe it should just be.
(Capitol Butte & Chimney Rock from Dry Creek Road.)



Finally, home.

I soaked up all the Vitamin D I could before we headed north to potentially return to a snow storm. Fortunately, it diverted… but sun is not shining the way it was in Arizona. 

I got a few more sketchbook paintings and drawings done before I left and along the way. 

December 12, 2017

Sage Community Arts Member's Holiday Small Works Showpiece. "El Burrito" (c) Polly Burge 2017. 3" x 5" Graphite Sketch. View this piece at the Sheridan County F

November 14, 2017

What a wonderful experience this weekend in Worland, Wyoming for the Washakie Museum & Cultural Center’s Mammoth QuickDraw & Rotary fundraiser! 450+ people in attendance and I enjoyed meeting quite a number of them. I am so looking forward to next year. Drawing in front of so many people was challenging but it was so fun to witness the engagement between artists and art-enthusiasts during the actual process. 
Folks, there are 5 of my own pieces still hanging in the Washakie Museum until mid January. They are for sale and a percentage of their sales will go to the museum. It was a pleasure to be part of this event.

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