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August 26, 2017

As summer comes to an end...

... and fall approaches, the itch to draw, paint and create grows! I have taken the summer to gather reference materials and am ready to begin planning my commission work for the winter. In Wyoming, the tips of the apple trees outside my front door are changing to red and I can no longer ignore them. Days are already getting notably shorter. Torture it is to know that warm days will be getting cooler and my horses' coats will be growing fuzzier... but with the cold brings livelier times in my studio... the part I do not dread in the least!

July 1, 2017

Dear all,

Words cannot express my gratitude to all those who came to view my first solo exhibit, "Color Not Absent" in the first couple weeks of June at Expressions Gallery & Framing in Sheridan. Through this entire process I have felt so grateful for the artistic community around me that just keeps me making more and more art... I am blessed over and over with a gift that I am so proud to share. How much more fortunate could I ever be to have found people that love my art so much they would pay for it to hang on the walls in their home. 

To my patrons-- thank you, your purchases will be invested right back into the work, and I promise to keep sharing whatever comes out of the studio! If you are in the Sheridan area and have not yet had the chance to view my work, by all means please drop into Expressions Gallery (645 Broadway) to see a smaller selection of works from my show. 

Until the next big gig-- happy Trails, tight lines, & when in doubt, take your sketchbook! 

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